A Guide to Promotional Products


Chances are you've received some type of promotional product at some point. Whether a branded hotel or bank pen, or t-shirt given away at an event, companies use promotional products to create brand awareness that reminds you of their company every time you see their product. 

Why Do You Need Promotional Products?

Numerous studies have shown promotional items such as custom pens, branded mugs or the like are effective in improving brand recall through repeated exposure, and they create a favorable impression of your company among recipients. In fact, 2010 Impressions Study from the promotional product industry group Advertising Specialty Institute found that behind writing instruments and apparel, calendars are the most popular product category. The best business promotional items are those that appeal to the aesthetic of your audience, encourage reuse, or have a high perceived value.

What Products are Best?


I love giving out branded pens! There's a few reasons:

  • Easy to carry with me
  • People use pens ALL THE TIME
  • They get passed around from person to person (hello word of mouth!)
  • Fairly inexpensive promotional item

Mugs or other drinkware

Who doesn't love a cute mug?! I don't know about you, but I can never have enough coffee mugs, because I go through like 3 a day, leaving them in different rooms. Mugs and other drink-ware are great for branding:

  • People actually use them
  • People give them to others to drink from (more word of mouth!)
  • They are aesthetically pleasing and can be made really unique

Custom Apparel

Be a walking ad for your brand. T-shirts, hoodies, hats, etc can be great giveaways that provide word of mouth when people wear them (make sure you don't go too cheap here so your products is actually worn!).

  • Visual brand promotion when worn
  • People will wear (if good quality)
  • Great for giveaways and events

There are just a few of the hundreds of promotional products you can buy to promote and brand your business. There are a lot of vendors who sell similar products. I recommend shopping around to find the best price and the best quality items. I've used a lot of vendors for promotional products, next I'll talk about some of my favorites.

Where to get promotional products?

Like I mentioned, I always recommend price checking and looking for vendors who have sales going on, but here are a few of my top choices:

I like inkhead.com because they have really modern, cool and high quality items. They also have great reviews, good customer service, and a no-risk guarantee. If you're in a hurry, they have a 24hour rush on some products. All pros in my book. 


As the name implies, discountmugs.com has a variety of customizable mugs at low prices, but they also sell a ton of other products. Read the reviews before you buy as sometimes when a vendor offers too many products, some are better than others.

Pens.com - again they specialize in pens, but offer a large variety of other promotional products as well. Another good thing about this company - they've been around for 50 years, so they know what they're doing. They also have great reviews and some good deals for new customers.

Need help creating or ordering promotional products or creating a logo for your brand?