Is Your Brand Cohesive?


It's safe to say most of us can recognize the brands in this image. Why is that? Because they are large, successful companies? Maybe. But there's a reason you can look at the Nike swoosh or the McDonald's golden arches and instantly recognize the brand. They have created a cohesive brand identity that is instantly recognizable.

What is Cohesive Branding?

Building a cohesive brand means ensuring that your brand is recognizable to people no matter where they encounter it. Whether they find you on Facebook, Instagram, a brochure or a mail piece, they should have a similar experience when encountering your brand. 

This means your logo, fonts, colors, and voice flow from one medium or platform to the next. If Nike all of a sudden changed the font they used in their logo or Starbucks had the wrong green in their logo, you'd either think it was a fake or someone really messed up in the marketing department, right?


The obvious benefits to having a cohesive brand are that your brand becomes instantly recognizable the more you do it. But it also helps you build trust with your customers by creating a professional look and feel to your brand. A cohesive brand allows you to show off your company's personality by using similar styles, imagery, and sticking with the same voice in your messaging. 

It also makes marketing a whole lot easier! When you have a brand kit of logos, colors, fonts, etc it makes designing marketing materials, digital advertising a lot easier. It takes the guess work out of creating ads because as a marketer, I don't have to worry that my advertisement isn't aligning with your brand. 


Stand out!

By creating a distinct, original, and creative cohesive brand, you'll stand out from your competition and ensure your brand is recognizable wherever encountered.

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