Your Marketing Success Begins & Ends With Tracking

I recently began working with a client to drive traffic and leads on their website with several online marketing channels including Search and Social Media Marketing. I quickly determined that I couldn't be successful with the current setup of their website.

Why you say?

The website template they were using had no way for me to add tracking code to the backend to track conversions back to our marketing channels. 

Why Tracking is so Important

First of all - what is tracking? Tracking can be explained as simply as visibility into where your customers or potential clients are coming from. In traditional marketing like direct mail or TV advertising, tracking might involve asking a customer where they heard about your business. But in Digital Marketing, it gets a whole lot more detailed.

When you run a digital campaign on Google Adwords, Facebook, or other similar online channels, you have the ability to place tracking code on your website that will send those channels information about the conversion on your website, like the campaign, keyword and ad that drove that person to your site, and even the time of the day that they converted along with other metrics.

These metrics are so important because they are a measure of what works for your business. If I can't tell which campaigns are generating leads for my client, then sure I'm sending traffic to their website, but I could be wasting money on irrelevant or non-converted keywords and ad copy.  I could be spending money at 2am for clicks to their website that never convert.

The Lesson

Before you choose a website or website designer, make sure you will have the ability to add tracking to your website. The future of marketing is online. A website with this capability does not have to be expensive. If you need help or want to learn more about specifics on adding tracking to your website and marketing channels, reach out to me and we'll discuss next steps!