Why Having an Elevator Pitch is Important


A lot of people think of an elevator pitch as a sales pitch. Let me start by saying it is NOT a sales pitch. An elevator pitch is actually a brief, persuasive description of your organization and what it does. It should be about 30 seconds long (about the length of time you're in an elevator with someone), interesting, memorable, and well put together. 

Why You Need An Elevator Pitch

Has someone ever asked you, "What do you do?" and you had to struggle to form sentences to describe what your business does even though you know your business is awesome? I've been there. I know exactly what I do, but I do a lot of things and before I had anything prepared, I tried to explain all the things I do rather than describe the basic idea behind my business. I needed to put it together in a quick way that would tell people what my business is all about in a few seconds. 

How to Craft An Elevator Pitch

Here's a basic formula to use:

1. Who Are You

First and foremost, what is the name of your business and what is your position there. 

2. What Do You Do

Describe the core service or product your business offers in a clear, concise sentence .

3. How Do You Do It

What methods do you use that show you are successful in what you do and how are they unique or better than your competition.

4. What Do You Deliver

What do people or other businesses get when they work with you or purchase your products. 

5. Who You Work With

Which industries or demographics will benefit from your business. 


Keep it Consistent

Once you have your pitch crafted, practice it so it sounds pretty similar no matter who you talk to. You don't want to sound rehearsed, but you do want to be consistent. Also, make sure other employees know about the pitch and how/when to use it. This should also serve as the description on social media platforms and appear on your website. It becomes the answer to "What do you do?".

Need an example? Here's mine:

"I'm Jess, the founder of J.Carr Marketing. I work with companies big and small to plan and execute successful marketing strategies by implementing best practices online and in traditional marketing mediums"